Future Runs for 2017 (click on the links below for more detailed Run Info) 

MH3 Runs are held every other week, and Full Moon Runs are held once a month, around the full moon.

Run locations are generally announced the week of the run. Please see the Next Run links for full info.

Date Run Nr  Hare(s)  MH3 Or FMH3

Start Time 

Run Location / General Details / Map / On-After Location (Click on link below)
13-Jan-18 702 Loose Nutz MH3 15:00 Unterföhring - S8 Sbahn Station P&R
19-21 Jan 2018  

Tirol H3 Ski Hash Weekend

Hare: Is It In?

Tirol H3   Innsbruck (Hotel Innsbruck) - Ask Baggy Snatch for more info
27-Jan-18 703 Just Miriam and NITC
MH3 15:00 AGPU Virgin Hare - TBD
2-Feb-18  169 Poor Me, Water? FMH3 19:00  TBD
10-Feb-18 704 Birdbrian
MH3 15:00 TBD
24-Feb-18 705 Poor Me, Water? and STTT MH3 15:00

Pasing. 'You can never get enough of Fasching' costume r*n

2-Mar-18 170  Shut Up and Bend Over aka SUBO FMH3 19:00  TBD
10-Mar-18 706 Hare needed! MH3 15:00 TBD
24-Mar-18 707 Hare needed! MH3 15:00 TBD
6-Apr-18 171 Hare needed! FMH3 19:00 TBD
7-Apr-18 708 Hare needed! MH3 15:00 TBD