Future Runs for 2017 (click on the links below for more detailed R*n Info) 

MH3 Runs are held every other week, and Full Moon Runs are held once a month, around the full moon.

Run locations are generally announced the week of the run. Please see the Next Run links for full info.

Date Run Nr  Hare(s)  MH3 Or FMH3

Start Time 

Location / General Details
20-May-17 682 Not In This Cult MH3 14:00

Bayern Nash Hash Series Part 1 - Grandauer Volkfest, Grafing

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3-Jun-17 683 Pussy Riot MH3 17:00 TBD
9-Jun-17 160 TBD FMH3 19:00 TBD
17-Jun-17 684 TBD MH3 17:00 TBD
25-Jun-17   Birdbrian MH3 17:00 Special Euro Hash Kiddie's Bus Tour R*n - Start: Kistlerhofstrasse 142, Munich
1-Jul-17 685 DDF and BBMM MH3 17:00 Karlsfeld (Canada Day Swim/BBQ/Hash)
14-Jul-17 161 Not In This Cult FMH3 19:00 TBD
15-Jul-17 686 Loose Nutz and Birdbrian MH3 12:30 Bayern Nash Hash Series Part b - Landshuter Hochzeitfest
29-Jul-17 687 BMW and Betty Boop MH3 17:00 TBD
4-Aug-17 162 BMW and Betty Boop FMH3 19:00 TBD
12-Aug-17 688 Hung Like This MH3 17:00 N├╝rnberg
19-Aug-17 689 DDF and BBMM MH3 14:00 Bayern Nash Hash Series Part III - Dachauer Volksfest
26-Aug-17 690 TBD MH3 17:00 TBD
8-Sep-17 163 TBD FMH3 19:00 TBD
9-Sep-17 691 Baggy Snatch and Just Chloe MH3 17:00 TBD
21-Sep-17 164 Cumming Numb FMH3 18:00 Oktoberfest Pre-lube
22-Sep-17 692 NITC and DDF MH3 18:00 Oktoberfest Friday Hash
23-Sep-17 693 BBMM, STTT and Panty Raider MH3 11:00 Oktoberfest Saturday Hash
24-Sep-17 694 Poor Me, Water, Pink Lady and Bones MH3 11:00 Oktoberfest Sunday Hash Red Dress City R*n
6-Oct-17 165 TBD FMH3 19:00 TBD
7-Oct-17 695 TBD MH3 17:00 TBD
21-Oct-17 696 Bird Brian and ACDC MH3 15:00 TBD
27-Oct-17 166 TBD FMH3 19:00 Full Moon Halloween Hash - TBD
4-Nov-17 697 TBD MH3 15:00 TBD
18-Nov-17 698 TBD MH3 15:00 TBD
1-Dec-17 167 TBD FMH3 19:00 TBD
2-Dec-17 699 TBD MH3 15:00 TBD
16-Dec-17 700 TBD MH3 15:00 Christmas Party Run #700
30-Dec-17 701 TBD MH3 15:00 TBD
2-Jan-18 168 TBD FMH3 19:00 TBD