The 2017 Oktoberfest Hash Weekend will be held from the 22nd - 24th September 2017 in Munich, Germany.


Please Register here: MH3 Oktoberfest Weekend Event 2017 Registration

Those registered will be kept updated by email.
Weekend Registration Fee: 125

Payment information will be sent after registration


Haupteingang Oktoberfest 2012-1


** Newsflash (14.09.17) **:

Sorry, we are sold out for the tent! We have only 80 seats in the Oktoberfest tent. These spots fill up very quickly.  We have now over 80 registrations. You can still sign up and join us on the runs and be on the waiting list.

Friday night is full. You are welcome to turn up to the runs on Saturday and Sunday, costs EUR 15 each including lunch.


2017 MH3 Oktoberfest Hash Info:


This year we are hosting a special Hangover/Red Dress R*n on Sunday through the Munich old city.


Thursday Night (21st Sept) - 2017 Oktoberfest Pre-lube - Run starts 18:00 - Registration opens at 17:00, City Run hosted by Munich Full moon hash, Dinner and party (Cost is 26EUR extra. )

Friday Night (22nd Sept) - Registration opens at Gleiswertschaft - Giesinger Bahnhof at 16:30, City Run in Giesing starts at 18:00, Dinner and party afterwards (Sorry, no space left for Friday night for those who haven't pre-registered!)

Saturday (23rd Sept) - Herrsching Oktoberfest Run starts at 11:00 at Herrsching Bahnhof, Lunch after r*n, Oktoberfest (includes Food Voucher and 2 Maß Beer in tent). It is possible to show up and do the run and lunch for only 15EUR. There is no space left in the tent afterwards.

Sunday (24th Sept) - Hangover/Red-Dress City Run for Charity starting at Königsplatz at 11:00, Light Lunch, Circle and Goodbye!! It is possible to show up and do this run and lunch also for only 15EUR.


Price is €125.- includes a T-shirt, goody-bag, lots of beer, some meals and Oktoberfest tickets.

Note: 5€ of your registration fee will go to a Children's charity. (Make-A-Wish Foundation International)


Please Note!: This weekend event does not include accommodation! Finding accommodation will be up to you. Please find a hotel and book early, as hotel rooms are scarce and dear during the entire event. 


**NEW ** More Information can be found in the Official 2017 Programme:


***On Saturday morning: Please take the S8 train which leaves Hauptbahnhof at 9:45 and arrives at Herrsching at 10:35***


Check Potential S-Bahn Real-time Service problems here


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