Past Runs from 2017 (click on the links below for more detailed R*n Info) 

MH3 Runs are held every other week, and Full Moon Runs are held once a month, around the full moon.

Run locations are generally announced the week of the run. Please see the Next Run links for full info.

Date Run Nr  Hare(s)  MH3 Or FMH3

Start Time 

Location / General Details
13-Jan-17 155 Cumming Numb FMH3 19:00 Herkommerpl.
14-Jan-17 673 Wipe On Whack Off MH3 15:00 Unterfoehring
28-Jan-17 674 Half Monty MH3 15:00 Trudering Bahnhof
10-Feb-17 156 Birdbrian FMH3 19:00 Schwantalerhöhe U-Bahn
11-Feb-17 675 Birdbrian MH3 15:00 Garching
25-Feb-17 676 Poor Me, Water MH3 15:00 Laim / Fasching Run
10-Mar-17 157 Clio parked ja? FMH3 19:00 Karl-Preis-Platz
11-Mar-17 677 Dizzy Passion MH3 15:00 Friedensangel (near Prinzregentenplatz)
25-Mar-17 678 MFT and STTT MH3 15:00 Westpark - U6 - exit Klaiserweg
7-Apr-17 158 Brokeback Mountme FMH3 19:00 Josephsplatz - U2 - exit Görrestrasse
8-Apr-17 679 Bottom Blower, Just Jacob, Just Mathilda MH3 15:00 Easter Egg Hunt - Fasanerie - S1
22-Apr-17 680 ACDC and Desperate MH3 15:00

Frühlingsfest München Hash

6-May-17 681 DDF and BBMM MH3 17:00 Freimann - U6 - Parking lot on Floriansmühlstraße
12-May-17 159 Poor Me, Water FMH3 19:00 Wensauerplatz - Pasing Bahnhof North